Tradional chungking bristle manual processing considerations

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Tradional chungking bristle manual processing considerations
A lot of time, the use of manual processing chungking bristle will be very convenient, technology is also very simple, typically small and medium enterprises and ordinary households can alsoproduced in china, the specific procedure as follows:
1. First, we need to follow the processing of raw boar bristle and classified, and remove the abdominal hair, mold hair and tail hair, etc. will be the fermentation, after twenty-four hours and then remove the loose skin on the chungking bristle, then the chungking bristle spread out in the water be cleaned after use iron comb hair, comb dander etc. In addition to clean and, finally drying
2. After the boar bristle made to semi-finished products, we need to be tied up in a small wooden top, place it in the pot and steam, so that the strips can effectively straightens and increases gloss. Remove fishy foul, reaching disinfection sterilization function.
3. The finished chungking bristle in accordance placement levels, longer frist, then short, the head and tail straightened out, then comb the chungking bristle combed, and finally packing.
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