How to use paint brush

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How to use paint brush:
1. Soak the new paint brush, the china bristle brush, synthetic bristle brush no need
put the new china bristle brush in clean water and soak it so that the bristles of the brush can fully absorb recommended soaking10-15 minutes. If you want china bristle brush to work better, you can also put some washing powder in the clean water.
2. The length of dipping paint is 1/3 of the paint brush
Generally, the paint can be dipped to 1/3 of the brush,gently brush the wall with the tips of the paint brush to ensure that the paint does not drip.
3. Keep the paint brush and the construction object at 45°
If you are painting walls or furniture, you should form a 45-degree angle between the brush and the construction object; if you are painting the ceiling, the angle between the brush and the ceiling should be 90°. In addition, if you are painting wood, you should follow the texture of the wood.
4. Pay attention to re-brushing
The normal paint must be re-brushing during the painting process to make the painting finish look better; if it is semi-gloss or light paint, it is not suitable to re-brushing.

how to use paint brush

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