How to clean and maintain the paint brush

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When paint brush is finished, what should do above all is to paint brush undertake correct cleanness and maintain, ability prolongs its life, and brush a better result .Next, we will talk about how to clean the paint brush, and how to maintain the paint brush.

How to clean the paint brush

Wipe the remaining paint off the brush with a paper towel, then soak the brush for a few minutes in a mixture of the solvent and water used to clean the brush. Next, remove the brush, rinse under the tap until the paint is clean, wring the moisture out of the brush, and place it in a storage container when it dries.

How to maintain the paint brush

1, Usually pay more attention to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the brush. After the brush is used, it should be cleaned immediatelyDon't wait until the paint on the paint brush is dry and then cleaned.

2, pay attention to dry the paint brush after cleaning. Brushes are wet after washing and should not be put directly into storage containers. They should be dried before being placed in a dry, clean container.

3, when using the paint brush again, also want to wet the brush again, according to the first use of brush steps to operate.

4. If you need to use a paint brush in a short time, you can soak the brush head in clean water after cleaning, so as to facilitate the next use.

The above is the cleaning and maintenance method of paint brush, can refer to, I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.


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