Different paint brushes from different market

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As a professional paint brush manufacturer with more than 20 years experience,our paint brushes are exported all over the world,we cooperates with many famous foreign company,including some century-AGED company,as I can know different paint brushes from different market,and different paint brush for different usage,so i'd like to show you some interesting paint brush from different markets and usage here

Chip brush

The first is chip brush, whenever you hear this brush, the first reaction, oh, maybe it’s very cheap? Yes, you’re right, it’s really cheap, but it’s widely used in our life, especially in US friends’ lives, very big quantity is needed every year, so chip brush is very popular in US market, as it’s really convenient for using. When you want to decorate your house, or clean your room, you can buy the chip paint brush from the market, from small size to big size, single thick or double thick, you can choose what you need. Also because it’s cheap enough, it’s no need to clean it after using, you can choose a new one freely next time, so comfortable
If you have invited your friend to BBQ in your garden, but what a pity, you just find there’s no professional brush for cooking, don’t worry, it’s no need to feel sad, pick up your beer, and take out your chip brush, first, dip it into hot water, then all the problem is solved, as the brush hair is pure natural bristle, it’s very safe and healthy even with higher temperature while barbecuing, chip brush is really good helper in our lives

The second brush is this↓↓↓

car wasing brush

Just like a hedgehog, right? Do you know what’s this used for? 
Car washing, it’s pure natural bristle, so it’s soft enough to protect our car  from scratching during washing, thick and full natural bristle can pick up and release water very well.
Maybe you’re confused on this brush, how does it clean car? Let me show you

Different paint brushes from different market car wasing

There’s a sweet design in the bottom of the brush, the thread can connect a coupling, and then connect an expansion link, just like the handle of the brush, so it’s no worry about your car, that we can’t clean it everywhere,only two type of brushes are introduced today, see you next time, more and more brushes will be brought to you

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