High imitation bristle-natural bristle replacement mixture

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the natural bristle output is shrinking in recent years and the cost of long chungking bristle sizes is rising day by day ( 83mm 89mm 95mm)
considering the above market situation, our company is introducing the High Imitation Bristle, it's the natural bristle replacement mixture

High imitation bristle-natural bristle replacement mixture
made from 100 percent polyester PBT and PETwith a natural wave that looks like natural bristle.the High Imitation Bristle has a excellent paint pick up and release performance, it's faster and easier painting, thereby obtaining remarkable paint absorption, releasing, durability and excellent workability.
there's 6 kinds of synthetic filament with different performance and shapes, for example : triangle filament, cross filament, hollow filament etc,the paint pick up and release performance is much better than 50/50 bristle mixture,the cost is very lower than natural bristle.
solid round tapered – for strength
mini hollow – for flaggable and smooth finish
crimped – for slow release
X cross – for paint pick-up
we have beening selling the high imitation bristle to brazil, chile, turkey, italy, polland,spanish etc.
we can offer sample for paint brush manufacturer testing
contact us before your competitor find us, we will help you get more markets

High imitation bristle

Think Natural High Imitation Bristle
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