DIY painting,how to choose best paint brushes

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Painting is an easy, fun and popular way to customize your room. anyone can do it.
however it is important to use the correct type of  painting brushes.
Baoding Yingtesheng Bristle and Brush Making Co. will help you select the right paint brush for your next DIY painting project.

To study all types of painting brushes 
The paint brush materials normally is chungking bristle,synthetic bristle and mixture bristle
china bristle brush are best paint brushes used for oil-based paints, varnishes, polyurethane,
Do not use china bristle brush with water-based paint – they will soak up the water and leave your brush limp and unable to hold paint.
synthetic bristle brush are best paint brushes used for emulsion or water-based paints,because they do not absorb water, and also more durable, straight and very resilient,hold their shape and stiffness well.
mixture bristle brush actually is a synthesis of both natural bristle and synthetic fiber, they have the best features of both bristles which include faster and easier painting,thereby obtaining remarkable paint absorption, releasing, durability and excellent workability.

Diy painting,how to choose best paint brushes

Flat paint brush is the most homebase paint brushes,there are various sizes and specifications,
the key point is to choose a paint brush with good elasticity and not easy to loose brush hair,the brush bristle will stick to the wall and it is not beautiful.
However,professional painters almost only use flat paint brush.

Angle brushes,for some special space that are not easy to painting, you can prepare few different sizes angled paint brush for cutting in,
the angle of the handle is oblique,which is very easy to handle,it is an essential tool for your DIY painting project.

When using paint brushes you should know the points:
1. New paint brushes will inevitably shed hair, so remember to remove the fell off hair before use.
2. Painting in sunny day
3. The paint coating should be controlled at 1/2 of the paint bristles, not more than 2/3, otherwise the paint will drip easily.
4. After painting, wash the paint brush by water to maintain the paint brush life.


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