There are many types of paint brushes, How to choose the right paint brush

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Usually, different building materials need different auxiliary tools in the construction process.In the same way, different paint brushes correspond to different paints.Next, I will talk to you about the types of paint brushes and how to buy them.

  1. which types of paint brushes are there?

1.Chemical fiber brush  A brush made of filament processed from PBT synthetich filaments is called an elastic brush because the filaments has a relatively good stretch function.This brush is usually used in interior decoration and is a unique paint aid

        2.Bristle brush  Using pig hair as the main raw material, it has the characteristics of good toughness, not easy to deform, good elasticity, high temperature resistance and humidity resistance.When using this brush, it can not only adapt to various humid and high temperature environments, but also can make the construction material have an anti-static effect.

        3.Roller brush   The roller brush used with the paint tray is also the most labor-saving and time-saving brush at present.When the ceiling and other high walls need to be painted, attach the extension rod to the roller brush, and then you can easily handle the high paint painting.

Second, how to choose paint brushes

        1.Choose high-quality paint brushes. Paint brush processing materials mainly include pig hair, stretch silk and other materials. Different materials have different characteristics.Before choosing, the first thing to make sure is that the quality of these materials meets the standard. 

        2. Choose the right brush specifications. When choosing paint brushes, choose the right size and number of brushes according to the painting area and paint type.Generally, for those with a larger construction area, in addition to choosing small brushes, you should also choose large brushes. Combine large and small brushes to improve the speed and quality of painting.

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