Top 4 Paint brush brands

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The Top 4 Paintbrush brands in the Paint brush Industry in the world

No. 1

Purdy Brush

Purdy Paint Brushes is that they’re all made by hand. In fact, each brush has a sticker with the name of the person that made it, which is something that no other company does This 85 year old company is a proud brand of USA. Handcrafted paint brush of their’s are very popular across many countries.

No. 2

Hamilton Brush

The Hamilton name is synonymous with high quality paint brushes,this oldest paint brush brand has a history of over 250 years. Specialized in natural bristle paint brushes, their quality is very outstanding though the company has transferred its ownership time to time. Still standing healthy and classy



Wooster Brush

This American brand was started in 1851 is one of the oldest company in the paint brush industry. They are fore runners in many aspects of paint brush manufacturing techniques and usage of materials.

No. 4

Harris Brush

Founded by Leslie George Harris in 1928 in UK, this brand has rich heritage of decorating the Windsor Castle with their paint brushes. This year they have refreshed the brand with new logo and the way they cater their customers.

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